NB! Please note that our sites are optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player and our FAQ will concentrate on these!

  • If needed, download the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player.

  • For further inquires, visit the Microsoft Support Center.

  • When I click on the videos on the site nothing happens, all I get is the same page. What should I do?
    This is most often caused by Popup Blockers. You need to turn off all popup blockers or add our site to the exceptions list. This varies depending on the software. Please contact the software provider for more information.

  • Can I use a download accelerator?
    We do not allow the use of download accelerators at this time. Please turn them off when trying to view our videos. Please contact the software provider for more information.

  • How do I turn on my cookies?
    A cookie is a tiny file stored on your computer that holds information about your computer's interaction with this website. Almost every site you visit will place one on your computer. Usually, the information contained in a cookie includes the last time you visited the site and details about what your preferences were at the site you visited. Cookies do not contain any personal information about you, just information regarding the site you visited. You should not fear that someone will read them and discover personal details about yourself. We use cookies in order to let you visit our sites without asking for your username and password each time you click a link.

    The following steps show how to enable Cookies on your computer. These are necessary to navigate throughout our site.

    For MSIE 6.0+ users:

    • Click on the Tools at the top of your screen
    • Then click Internet Options
    • Select the Privacy tab
    • Adjust the slidebar setting to Medium High
    • Then click OK

    For MSIE 5.0+ users:

    • Click on the Tools at the top of your screen
    • Then click Internet Options
    • Select the Security tab
    • Then click Custom Level
    • Scroll down to the Cookies section and select "Enable" for each of the "Allow cookies" options
    • Click OK

    For MSIE 4.0+ users:

    • Click on the View option at the top of your screen
    • Then click Internet Options
    • Select the Advanced tab
    • Locate the "Cookies" options in the "Security" section
    • Change the radio button options to "Always accept cookies"
    • Click OK

  • Does MSIE work with video?
    Yes, unless otherwise stated our videos work with most all browsers. However, as technology advances some of the older browsers may not be able to keep up, thus limiting your surfing experience. You may be required to install plug-ins into your browser to see some content. View our plug-in help section for more info.

    To get the most out of your membership and your overall Internet experience, it is recommended that you download and install the latest version of Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player.

  • What is a Plug-In?
    An internet Plug-In is an application built into a web browser or added to a browser to enable it to interact with a special file type, such as a movie, sound file, Word document, etc.

  • How do I install Plug-Ins?
    Unfortunately there is no one standard for streaming video over the Internet. Sometimes your browser will tell you that you do not have the correct plug-in to view the video. Here is a list of video plug-ins and the links to where you can download them. Don't be afraid! These applications install very easily and will greatly enhance your viewing experience. Once you download the plug-in, run the installer, and follow the directions. You will probably then need to restart your computer or at least your browser after installation.


    Windows Media Player - Is a technology that produces streaming video and audio files. The WM player will play most types of movies including its native Advanced Streaming Format (ASF), WAV, AVI, Quicktime and RealOne formats. A good all-around choice. For more questions regarding Windows Media Player, please click here .
    Quicktime - An audio/video technology developed by Apple, but can also play on any PC. Its versatility and quality of playback are outstanding and its ability to compress large movies into small files is remarkable. You don't need the professional version to watch video, just download the free one.
    RealOne Video - A streaming technology developed by RealNetworks for transmitting live video over the Internet. RealVideo uses a variety of data compression techniques and works with both normal IP connections as well as IP Multicast connections. You don't need the professional version to watch video, just download the free one.
    DivX Player - Is a technology developed by DivX for transmitting high quality video over the Internet without reducing video quality. DivX is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh. You don't need the professional version to watch video, just download the free one.

  • I am getting weird colors when I use IE to view videos. What's the deal?
    Your display adapter may only be capable of rendering 256 colors, or, more likely, your display's control panel is set to 256 colors. If that is the case, set your display's control panel to thousands/millions of colors or high color/16 bit. Select "Display" or right-click on the desktop and choose "Properties" to correct the problem. You'll need to quit and relaunch your browser to reset the colors. If your video hardware is not capable of displaying more than 256 colors at your chosen resolution, the video will still work, but it may be oddly colored and/or look slightly fragmented.

  • Sometimes a software security alert window pops up. What should I do?
    Select the "Always Trust" box and click "OK."

  • Sometimes I get error messages, or my the video just won't play, what should I do then?
    Clear your browser's cache and restart your browser.

    IE 6.0:
    • Go to Tools menu
    • Select Internet Options
    • Click the General tab
    • Go to Temporary Internet Files - Delete files - Click OK
    • Go to History - Clear History - Click Yes
    • To close window, click OK
    • Close Browser then re-open it

  • The audio does not play smoothly for me. What can I do?
    Users with less than a 56K connection do not have enough bandwidth to receive both audio and video. The software gives preference to video, therefore you should mute your computer's volume.

  • How can I improve overall video and audio quality?
    The number one thing is to get a faster modem, or a DSL connection! Other than that, pressing the pause button increases the buffer size. The longer you pause the video, the better it will look and sound once it begins playing.

  • Why doesn't the video look as good as TV screen resolution?
    Huge amounts of bandwidth are required to transmit TV quality video over the Internet. As prevailing modem speeds increase, Internet video will increasing look better. We all just have to be patient.

  • In the chat room, I get "Your browser does not support Java." What does this mean?
    Our Chat room requires Java be enabled on your browser. Most Internet browsers have this option enabled. However, sometimes the option allowing Java support gets turned off.

    How to enable Java Programs in MSIE:

    Tools > Internet Options > Security > Internet/Custom level > Reset custom setting to "Medium." > OK

  • Why do I have to sometimes scroll right and left?
    Chances are, your screen resolution is at 640x480. This site was designed so that even at a screen resolution of 800x600, those with monitors less than 17" would have no problems with viewing or reading text. Please try changing your screen resolution to 800x600.

    Right click on your desktop > Properties > Settings > Screen area: 800x600 > OK

  • How do I download pictures to my hard drive?
    Position your mouse over the photo, click on it with the right mouse button, then choose "Save Picture As."

  • Why do pictures take so long to load?
    Many sites are designed for at least 56K modems. If your modem is slower than this you may want to consider purchasing a new one. If you have a 56K, make sure your modem is configured correctly in your connection to the Internet. Please contact your internet provider for more information.

  • I am having problems viewing pictures with my aol browser?
    Try the following: From the AOL web browser program, Click on "Members" Select the "Preferences" menu in the AOL browser Click on "Uncompressed Graphics" Click on the "Advanced" section Click on "Purge Cache" That's it. Everything should work fine. Don't forget to Download the latest version of AOL.

  • I am an aol user and i'm having all kinds of problems viewing things?
    America Online users must use AOL Version 3.0 or greater AND Netscape 3.0+ or Internet Explorer 3.0+.AOL 3.0+ allows you to run browsers on top of AOL. Simply minimize your AOL window, launch your browser, and surf.If you need to upgrade to the latest version of AOL, go to Keyword and type in "upgrade" then follow the instructions.

  • My question was not answered, can I e-mail you?
    Certainly, you can contact our customer support staff. Please fill out the required form, Click here.

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