• How do I cancel my membership?

    Please choose from the list below the company that billed you:

    For CCBill - click here to cancel your membership.

    For Epoch - click here to cancel your membership.

    For Verotel - click here to cancel your membership.

  • What company name will I be billed by?
    Your credit card will be discreetly billed by one of our authorized merchants: "CCBill", "Epoch" or "Verotel".

  • How can I change my password or other information on my account?
    We are sorry, but we cannot update your account information from our end. For security reasons we are not able to change your username, password, credit card number, expiration date, e-mail address, etc. You may, however, cancel your account and then sign up again as a new member. You may then enter any new information that you need to, as well as choose a different username and password, if you like.

  • Do I have unlimited access with my trial membership?
    YES, you will have unlimited access to ALL of the content offered on the site you sign up to and as a bonus we offer our members unlimited access to ALL our other sites aswell! We're confident as a trial member you'll be so impressed with the our content and want to become a full member to our site anyway, so no need to limited you.